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Since 1992 we have been a producer of ready meals that make the life of millions of people easier. From the very beginning, we have been building our company with one goal in mind - supporting our clients in their daily life. The main objective of the Virtu company is to offer products which are easy and convenient to prepare, even in 3 minutes. Our clients live a modern life - sometimes they don't feel like preparing complicated meals, they value their free time, freedom and independence. They try to find a balance between their professional life and pursuing hobbies. And we create our dishes especially for them. We meet their expectations by offering easy and quick to prepare solutions that make their lives easier at home, at work, at a party or on a trip.  

We know that our clients appreciate that. And for them, we try even harder:
- every year, our products find their way to over 10 million homes in Poland and around the world
- Virtu ready-meals can be bought in every good retail chain in Poland
- the quality of our products has been confirmed with prestigious awards granted by independent experts from Poland and Europe

Thank you for the trust you put in the Virtu products - ready meals that make the life easier.