We are creating 130 workplaces

Starting a new production plant located in Industrial and Technological Park in Zawiercie is only a few weeks away. The investment is worth 80 million zlotys! As many as 130 citizens of the region will find a job here.

One might think that an offer consisting of over 100 different products - from traditional pierogies to exotic meals from all around the world - is big enough and there is no need to expand it further. However, this is not what we think, as adjusting the products to the current needs and expectations of the clients is a key element of our development strategy. This is why new meals will soon join the wide offer of Virtu ready-meals. Their production and quick implementation on the market will be possible thanks to the new production plant.

The new production plant of Virtu is a big opportunity for Zawiercie which has been struggling with high unemployment rate for years. As many as 130 citizens of the region are going to be hired and offered an employment contract. Guests of the last week's meeting organised in the plant had a chance to listen about created by our investment opportunities for the city and the region. The starost of Zawiercie, Krzysztof Wrona, and the mayor of the city, Witold Grim, participated in the meeting.

The opening the new power plant has been scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.