Historic victory in Plus Liga

Together we are creating history of the volleyball team from Zawiercie! The day when the newcomer won with the number two team of Plus League has come. After a long and arduous battle with Indykpol AZS Olsztyn, the Jurassic Knights won their first match in Plus League with the result 3:2.

"Every time before the match we tell each other in the changing room, that the attitude is the most important thing. You might not be as good technically or physically, but you can win a lot with your heart. I hope we never lose it and always have such an attitude towards the matches - doesn’t matter if it's Indykpol, Skra Bełchatów or Bielsko-Biała, Kielce or any other theoretically weaker team, because you win on the court" - explains Grzegorz Pająk, setter of the Jurassic Knights and MVP of the won match.

How will the next matches of Plus League end? Will the Jurassic Knights, motived with their first victory, win again - this time with Cuprum Lubin? We can find it out by watching the match transmissions on Polsat Sport channel. Let's keep our fingers crossed for our volleyball players!