A trip to the heart of Italia without leaving home

Pizza on a thin, crispy crust, aromatic sauces with addition of basil leaves, tasty and fantastically shaped pasta, sprinkled with grated cheese... you love Italian cuisine, don't you? That's why we are offering you a wide selection of the most popular ready-meals which have been created based on the original recipes from Apennine Peninsula.

Lasagne Bolognese:
big sheets of pasta alternated with thick tomato sauce with high quality beef. Unique composition of aromatic seasoning and ingredients allows you to travel to sunny Italia without leaving your home.

Lasagne with spinach and ricotta cheese:
a light version of Italian speciality, with spinach and delicate ricotta cheese. Handmade with attention to every detail. An addition of lemon peel subtly enriches the flavour and aroma of the dish. Perfect for vegetarians and fit style lovers.

Spaghetti Bolognese:
traditional Italian dish which has been winning people’s hearts all over the world for years. The sauce has been made with ripe tomatoes and juicy beef.

Spaghetti Carbonara:
an obligatory meal for every Italian cuisine lover. An addition of original Italian Grana Padano cheese provides an unforgettable taste.

Penne pesto:
every Italian cuisine lover will recognise that pasta shape. Just like the taste of the traditional Grana Padano cheese and truly Italian pesto alla Genovese.

Penne Bolognese:
penne pasta combined with juicy tomatoes, beef and Grana Padano cheese. Thanks to this dish, you will feel just like in a Bolognese trattoria.

Green pesto with sunflower seeds and Grana Padano cheese:
universal addition to Italian cuisine meals. Excellent composition of Italian Grana Padano cheese, basil and selected sunflower seeds. Unpasteurised product.

Red pesto with sunflower seeds and Grana Padano cheese:
original Italian cheese and juicy tomatoes are two main advantages of our red pesto. Surprisingly aromatic addition to meals and snacks. Unpasteurised product.

Tomato sauce with mascarpone cheese:
extraordinary combination of exquisite tomatoes and one of the most popular variety of Italian cheese. Thanks to creamy mascarpone, the sauce has a unique taste and velvety consistency. Product available seasonally and as a part of campaigns.

Tomato sauce with basil:
classic tomato sauce with addition of basil leaves. A perfect match with Italian-style meals. A proven ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine in a convenient packaging. Product available seasonally and as a part of campaigns.

Bolognese sauce:
one of the most recognisable Italian sauces. A combination of fresh tomatoes and selection of aromatic herbs, together with beef, creates a perfect addition for pasta. A quick idea for a delicious meal. Product available seasonally and as a part of campaigns.

Four Cheese Pizza:
four different flavours of cheese on one delicious piece of Italian dough. Delicious topping evenly covers a thin and crispy crust. A filling feast, ready in only ten minutes.

Pizza a’la capricciosa:
one of the most popular versions of pizza. Its advantages are highest quality ingredients and pleasantly crispy crust. Can be eaten without a break!